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Private Customers

"I have been using Eurocab 2000 since 2005 and I am highly delighted with the service I receive. They take pride in punctuality and always ensure that I am safely 'anchored'. When I arrive at my destination they take that extra time and care (which is not common to other taxi companies) to make sure that I am able to access the building and if necessary find the appropriate person/room. This means that I can, on occasions, travel without a carer in the knowledge that I will be assisted out of my bungalow, into the vehicle and delivered directly and safely to where I need to be."

Ms L Williams

"I have been physically impaired with cerebral palsy since birth and use a wheelchair. I have used Eurocab 2000 for the last seven years; they are always courteous, helpful and on time. They are also extremely reliable, which is an important issue when you are in vulnerable position. Eurocab 2000 have given me enough confidence to go into Rotherham town centre at night unaccompanied, knowing I can rely on them to pick me up."

Mr J Toogood

"I first started using Eurocab 2000 around 1999; I had been on a night out in Rotherham and most taxi drivers didn't want to take me because I used a wheelchair. When the Eurocab taxi came along the driver had no hesitation in picking me up and gave me priority over other people trying to jump the queue! He knew exactly what to do to get me onto the vehicle safely. At the end of the journey I asked for a card and haven't looked back since. I have also used Eurocab to transport me to and from work; as a senior manager working in IT my employment is dependent upon being able to get to work in a timely and consistent manner. I can categorically state that I could not fault the service Eurocab provided."

Mr G M Dobson

"One of the main reasons I rely on Eurocab so much is because of the amount of help and understanding you are given. It is nice to know you are being transported by someone who cares; there is no better feeling than being transported by someone who actually cares and understands your disability."


"Eurocab 2000 have given my daughter-in-law (who uses a wheelchair) the confidence needed to get on with life. Now she can even travel alone quite happily."

Mrs D M Lidgett

"Freedom and independance" "Sit back and relax"